One of Syria’s most inveterate polyurethane foam (PU) production companies, Dakkak & Co. was founded in 1976 by Mr. Bashar Dakkak. In the early 1980’s, thanks to the world’s most modern foam production machine at the time, our company began expanding throughout Syria.

Our expertise spans across different areas of the PU foam production process. We manufacture all kinds of end products, from bedding, pillows and cushions, to seating for both indoor and outdoor, packaging, acoustical foam, and comfort items.

Other products we offer include: conventional, memory and latex mattresses, pads, latex and memory foam topper, memory foam pads and camping pads. The advanced technology we rely on allows us to cut all shapes and sizes of foam mattresses in order to serve all your individual needs.

At Dakkak & Co., we have strived to build and maintain our reputation by making sure our products comply with the highest manufacturing standards.

Choosing the Pillow That's Right for You

On average, you spend approximately one-third of your life sleeping, so having a comfortable, high-quality pillow is imperative to getting a good night's rest.

When it comes to sleeping, there’s no one pillow that’s suitable for everyone. Side sleepers do better with a firm pillow, stomach sleepers are best suited for soft pillows, and back sleepers should try a medium-fill pillow to support the natural curvature of their upper spine.

In addition to choosing the right density, fill is also important in finding the perfect pillow. Down pillows are the most luxurious, insulating and long-lasting. For those with allergies, rest easy; we have a fantastic array of down-alternative pillows, including our patented PolyPillow® poly microfiber fill.

If you like the contouring support of memory foam, you’ll love our wide assortment of memory foam pillows, as well as our collection of pillow inserts and hard-to-find support pillows: (think knee wedges, reading pillows, neck rolls, and body pillows).

We know that a busy home life can bring cleaning challenges of all kinds, that’s why we have a cloth for every occasion!

Discover our wide range of versatile and efficient wiping products. We have everything from microfiber cloths for a sparkling finish, to super absorbent sponges for all those spillages!

So whether you’re simply doing a general clean, or trying to tackle problem areas around the home, Foamdoux has a cloth for you!


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